Here is a quickstart guide to get you up and running with Chatter Platform. This will cover the steps required to run your first prompt on Chatter. You can also visit the wiki for video content.



Visit Chatter Platform and login to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free. More details here.



Create a vault in your workspace. This allows you to set which models are available to your workspace. More details here.


Create a collection / chain

Navigate to the sidebar in a workspace. Create a collection via the + button at the top of the sidebar (next to the workspace name). Then, create a chain within that collection via the + button next to the collection name. More details here.


Setup a prompt

Create a cell in your chain and write a prompt. Configure your LLM and paramters. For example try Who was the {{ rank }} president of the {{ country }} More details here.



Open the testing suite (beaker, top right) and create a test case. Assign values to variables in the prompt and add assertions (expected responses). More details here.



Run your chain and see the results! Click on run suite at the top of the testing suite to run all test cases. More details here.


Set up a chain and run it

Run Assertions on Tests