Chatterfile uses a slightly annotated form of YAML. You can input data using standard YAML and then mark it using tags such as @prompt_id for prompts or @config for configurations. Data following the @ tag is associated with the tag until the next tag is encountered.


Input prompts using the @prompt_id tag. The prompt_id is used to reference the prompt in your code. Each prompt must have a unique id or it may be overwritten. Within the prompt body, you can include the model_family, model, prompt, params and more.

Key Sets

Input API keys for LLMs to be used when running Chatterfile prompts. You can store them as references to environment variables (< 30 char) or as strings (> 30 char). You can select which key set to use when running prompts by passing the key_id to the key_id argument. It defaults to the first key set declaration in the Chatterfile